Nara Solar

Renewable energy projects with a positive impact

Nara Solar is involved in the entire life cycle of each project: location selection, development engineering, obtaining permits, relationship with all stakeholders in the project, etc ...

We assure to work with all the agents involved in the project from the beginning:

  • Landowners: We collaborate to offer the best solution for a strong and lasting relationship.

  • Local agents: We grow with our local partners to add value to the projects.

  • State and local governments: We help meet renewable goals and generate new projects that add value to society.

  • Neighbourhood Associations: We work for a positive impact on society.

  • Regulatory agents: We work that our projects have an exhaustive fulfilment of all the requirements.

  • Electric companies: We collaborate with the electric companies in the planning of the networks and in the evacuation needs of the projects.

  • Energy cooperation agencies: We look for a balance for a positive local impact.

Thanks to a wide knowledge of the requirements for development in each of the countries in which the group has a presence, Nara Solar can assume all phases until reaching the "Ready To Build" state, which gives way to the materialisation of the project .

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