In Nara Solar we believe that the mix of talents and skills brings major knowledge and leadership in the teams and markets in which we have activity.

Our team is the cornerstone that allows us to grow and expand our activity at all levels of the renewable solar sector in each country.

We are committed that the skills and abilities of team members will contribute to the development process, always respecting the interests of every member with the needs of the company.

Since its creation, Nara Solar has the synergy generated by experience in the development of renewable projects, technical and financial analysis, the strength of two multinational groups and the professional and geographical diversity. The spirit of improvement and professionalism has driven our exponential growth.  

The values ​​that help Nara Solar's growth and development in a transversal way:


To take the projects to the last mile

Professionalism and excellence

The basis of all our work


The strength that helps us overcome any barrier


Each team member adds value to the company's activity

Integrity and learning

To maintain our growth

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